Anna Behter

Web & interface designer,
illustrator, creative thinker,
team player, hard worker

My name is Anna Behter. I'm a multiskilled designer from Kiev, Ukraine, specializing in the field of web & user interface design, with over 3 years of industry experience. I have Bachelor’s Degree in Pedagogy and Psychology and Associate Degree in Computer Graphics and Design. I am interested in web design and development, interfaces, typography, copywriting, art. In my free time I like to draw.

To achieve the goal of making web a better place I believe in teamwork, latest technology, intuition and quality, because it is the only thing that stands the test of the time. I love minimal design, detail — oriented, simple and clean, and how you can catch attention just using white spaces, color, contrast, so most of my work goes in this way.

On this site you can flick through a selection of my recent projects.
Need an illustration, web or UI design? Don't hesitate to contact me.


My work has been awarded by
Adobe Design Achievement Awards (ADAA)
Year 2013, Illustration category. Semifinalist.